Roses 101 classes! SVRS provides basics on rose growing in our climate.

Schedule of Events

DATE: Friday, September 21st thru Sunday, September 23, 2018

THREE EVENTS:  A 3-day Rose Workshop Weekend
EVENT 1: Rose Horticulture Workshop - Friday, September 21st 8:00 AM -4:00 PM - More Info:  EVENT 2: Rose Arrangement Workshop - Saturday, September 22nd  8:00 AM-4:00 PM - More Info 

EVENT 3: Rose Photography Workshop - Sunday, September 23rd  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM - More Info 

WHERE:  (All events) 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
HOSTS:  South Valley Rose Society, Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada
MAIN SPEAKERS:  Dave & Gerri Mahoney  and Walt & Diana Kilmer

COMMENT:  This is a heckuva great learning experience and a real bargain.  Sitting is limited. Can take all three classes for a discount or take any one  workshop.

To register, contact: Marie Kaplan at either Phone #: 702-355-6745,

Biographies of the Speakers/Hosts

Gerry and Dave Mahoney

  • These out-of-state instructors are from Arizona. For over 18 years, this couple has judged Horticulture, Arrangements, and Photography throughout the Pacific Southwest District (PSWD), the Pacific Northwest District, and the Rocky Mountain District, as well as numerous District and National Rose Shows.  
  • From 2006 to 2012 they served as the PSWD Garden Awards Co-Chairs and from 2012 to the present as the District Consulting Rosarian (CR) Co-Chairs. Dave and Gerry received the PSWD Outstanding Rosarian Award (2009), the Bronze Medal (2011) for service to the Rose Society of Glendale and the Silver Medal (2016) for service to the PSWD and Outstanding Photography Judge (2016). In October of 2018 they will be installed as the American Rose Society (ARS) National CR CoChairs 
  • Both have served as speakers for numerous CR Schools and Seminars, Horticultural Judging and Photography Seminars. Gerry has assisted with several Arrangement workshops and Arrangement Judge’s schools. 
  • Dave and Gerry have both served as president for several of the Arizona Rose Societies. They have also been Rose Show chairs for three of the local societies and Gerry has assisted the Tucson Rose Society Arrangement section for the last two years. Additionally, they have chaired several CR Schools, Horticulture Judging Seminars, and served as Planning Committee members for the 2006 and 2015 PSWD Conventions. 

Walt and Diana Kilmer

  • These out-of-state instructors currently live in Colorado. This couple joined the San Diego Rose Society (SDRS) and The American Rose Society (ARS)'  in 1985. In 1990 Walt became a Consulting Rosarian (CR). In 1992 Diana became a CR and they both became ARS Accredited Horticultural Judges. They put on five CR schools/seminars from 1994 to 2005. In 2005 Diana Kilmer took the test and became an ARS certified arrangement judge and  they were honored to receive the Outstanding Rosarian Award from the Pacific Southwest District (PSWD) of the ARS.  By then they had worked on three different ARS National conventions as well as three district conventions and in 2013 they cochaired the PSWD convention in Carlsbad, CA.  In 2016, the Kilmer’s moved to Colorado Springs, joined the Pikes Peak Rose Society and Diana was elected President and appointed Chairman of the Horticultural Judges for the Rocky Mountain District (RMD).  In October 2018, Diana will be installed at the ARS national convention in San Diego as the RMD Chairman. 
  • When photography became of interest in rose shows they were right up there to learn what it took to get the best picture of their roses, thus they have entered and won many different categories with stunning photos of their roses and have taken several classes from some top photographers on how to take photographs and how to use a camera of any type to do so, even the cell phone will work or just your little point and shoot, they are now giving talks to other societies about which camera to use and what settings are best for flora and fauna. 

Marie Kaplan


  • Marie has been growing roses since she was a child in Brazil and has grown roses in several different areas in California. After retiring as a real estate agent and moving to Nevada she joined the Las Vegas Valley Rose Society. With her husband Larry she became a charter member of the South Valley Rose Society (SVRS). Marie has been active in both rose societies and is currently the SVRS President. She has been a Master Gardener for many years and is a former President of the Sun City Anthem Garden Club. 
  • After a few years as a member of the local rose societies, she became an American Rose Society (ARS) accredited Consulting Rosarian. After winning several awards in the horticulture division of local rose shows she went through the process to become an ARS Horticulture Judge.  
  • Flower arranging has long been one of her interests, so after winning awards in the arrangement division of several rose shows, she became an ARS Arrangement Judge. She also became active in the local Arrangement Guild. Marie developed an interest in Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement, as well and started taking local Ikebana classes and even took a ten-day series of classes in Kyoto Japan from Ikebana Masters. She has taught several rose arrangement and informal Ikebana classes. This year she is the Judges Chair for the SVRS Rose Show and is the host and one of the instructors for the Arrangement Workshop.

Christina Ropeter

  • Christina Ropeter has been growing roses in the southwest deserts for more than 30 years.  She became an Consulting Rosarian in 1990 and in 2015 received her certification as a Master Gardener.  She  volunteers her time in the Rose Garden and the Help Desk at the University of Reno Cooperative Extension.  Ms. Ropeter became interested in photography in her early thirtys taking pictures with a simple  8mp camera.  In 2010,  she got her first smartphone with a rear 5mp camera. Even though she consider herself as  an amateur photographer, she has won many blue ribbons and trophy's for her pictures at local Rose Societies and PSW District Rose Shows.  In fact her very first entry in 2011 at the Phoenix Rose Society Rose Show, she won Queen of Show for her abstract composition picture.  Since than, she started to experiment  in taking pictures of roses in different compositions and lighting.  She has further her education these last 8 years taking many seminars in photography and learning tips from other photographers in taking great pictures with her smartphone. 

Larry Kaplan

  • Larry’s interest in photography started in his early teens. In high school he turned a closet into a darkroom and began developing black and white film and making his own prints using an enlarger and trays of chemicals. After color film became popular, developing color film and printing color prints became too difficult to do at home, so he had to send the color photographs out to be processed. 
  • During his college days and beyond, the time he could devote to photography declined, but he continued to have an interest in the subject. Larry went on to get a BS in physics and then an MS in engineering. He worked in Aerospace Engineering for many years, before retiring. During his working years he maintained an interest in photography and eventually began taking motion pictures, and then switched from film to digital photography. He convinced his department to approve the procurement of an early digital camera and used it to take many photographs at work. 
  • After retiring he joined his wife Marie as a member of the Las Vegas Valley Rose Society, and they both became charter members of the South Valley Rose Society (SVRS). Larry has been the editor of the SVRS yearbook for many years and has served as their secretary. He continued his interest in photography and then developed an interest in rose photography and has won many awards in photography at rose shows. This year he is the co-chair of the SVRS Rose Show and is the host of the Photography Workshop.

Judith Kafantaris

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